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1 May 2018 Sunrise Capital’s Worldtool has been featured in AVCJ’s latest Portfolio story
18 Apr 2018 Sunrise Capital II’s Lcode Ltd. acquires PCN Inc. and EYE QUALITY Co., Ltd.
13 Apr 2018 Sunrise Capital III invests in NHOSA Corporation
16 Mar 2018 Sunrise Capital III acquires MOA Group,
a leading Japanese e-commerce household appliance company
2 Mar 2018 Sunrise Capital III signs agreement to invest in KK Loiness and B-first KK.
28 Feb 2018 Sunrise Capital II’s Outsourcing Investments, Inc. acquires HamaEngineering Co., Ltd.
6 Feb 2018 Sunrise Capital’s Marubeni Mates has been featured in AVCJ’s “Deal of the Week”
2 Feb 2018 Sunrise Capital III signs agreement to acquire Marubeni Mates Ltd
30 Oct 2017 Sunrise Capital II’s partial divestiture of shareholding in K.K. BC Ings
3 Oct 2017 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AVCJ's thematic report on the Japanese education sector
2 Oct 2017 Sunrise Capital II's Outsourcing Investments, Inc. Completes capital alliance with Yoshida Sangyo Co., Ltd.
5 Sep 2017 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AVCJ's thematic report regarding alignment of interest with LPs
11 Aug 2017 Sunrise Capital II's BC Ings has been featured in AVCJ
10 Aug 2017 Sunrise Capital II’s K.K. BC Ings Completes Capital Alliance with Akasaka Gakuin Co., Ltd.
27 Jun 2017 Sunrise Capital II’s LIFEDRINK COMPANY Inc. announces appointment of new President and CEO
21 Jun 2017 Sunrise Capital II's El Dorado Group has been featured in AVCJ
21 Jun 2017 Sunrise Capital II invests in El Dorado Group.
13 Jun 2017 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AVCJ's thematic report on the Japanese consumer sector
12 May 2017 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AltAsset's thematic report on fundraising in the Japanese market
9 May 2017 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AVCJ's thematic report on fundraising in the Japanese market
8 May 2017 Sunrise Capital's successful fundraise has been featured in AVCJ
8 May 2017 Sunrise Capital closes Sunrise Capital III at hard cap of US$400 million.
24 Jan 2017 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AVCJ's thematic report on succession
16 Jan 2017 Sunrise Capital II’s Asamiya Co., Ltd. merges with Meiwa Co., Ltd. to form LIFEDRINK COMPANY Inc.
19 Oct 2016 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AsianInvestor's thematic report on GP selection in Japan
11 Oct 2016 CLSA Capital Partners' Sunrise Capital II invests in Outsourcing Investment, Inc
2 Sep 2016 Sunrise Capital II completes IPO of BayCurrent Consulting, Inc.
8 Jul 2016 CLSA Capital Partners Sunrise Capital II divests shareholding in MIRIVE Co., Ltd.
12 May 2016 CLSA Capital Partners’ Sunrise Capital II invests in K.K. BC Holdings, a leading Japanese cram school operator
22 May 2015 CLSA Capital Partners’ Sunrise II establishes a strategic and capital alliance with Worldtool Co., Ltd., owner of ‘Astro Products’, a leading Japanese supplier of automotive tools
15 May 2015 CLSA Capital Partners’ Sunrise II invests into Asamiya Co., Ltd.
10 Nov 2014 CLSA Capital Partners Announces Final Closing of Sunrise Capital II Fund
10 Jun 2013 Sunrise Capital has been featured in AsianInvestor's thematic report on the Japanese PE market

About the Fund


Megumi Kiyozuka
Managing Director – Head of Japan

Founded in 2006, Sunrise Capital is a Japan-dedicated private equity strategy focused on acquiring well-established mid-cap companies with strong growth potential. Since inception, Sunrise Capital has raised approximately USD1 billion from institutional investors globally and has actively invested in established mid-cap companies ranging from JPY5 billion to JPY30 billion in enterprise value. Sunrise Capital adopts a unique, well-balanced investment approach in assessing the future potential of businesses through careful analysis of individual company strengths and competitive advantages, as well as the underlying macro environment and foreseeable impact of demographic trends. To date, Sunrise Capital has predominantly provided management support to founder/owner companies while also seeking transactions from non-core subsidiaries of large-cap companies and public-to-private transactions of publicly listed companies.

Investment Focus

Sunrise Capital is managed by a diverse team of industry professionals with expertise in private equity, investment banking, management consulting, finance, accountancy, and law gained in Japan and overseas. Sunrise Capital is focused on the individual needs of each company and provides tailor made solutions to realise the future growth of the organisation. This flexible, value-add approach differentiates Sunrise Capital through human capital, financial and strategic support as detailed below:

  • "Joint venture" management model
    • The founder/owner can enjoy financial benefits from divesting a majority stake in their business
    • On the other hand, the founder can remain as a significant minority shareholder and continue to lead the business as the CEO
    • Sunrise Capital will provide management aid from a "new" angle as a "joint venture" partner
      *However, Sunrise Capital will also consider acquiring 100% ownership upon request from the founder/owner
  • "Body-on" management support
    • Sunrise Capital seconds investment professionals for a period of time at the request of the portfolio company to implement initiatives such as organisational improvements and IPO preparations (onsite “body-on” management support)
    • Sunrise Capital strictly focuses on enhancing portfolio company value and does not seek consulting fees or expenses when providing management support or dispatching directors
  • Asian expansion aid
    • Proactively support Asian expansion at portfolio companies, utilising CLSA's extensive Asian network and knowledge

Sunrise Capital continues to maximise the benefits of all stakeholders including clients, business partners, local communities and portfolio company employees and is committed to contributing to the Japanese economy, through the support of growth in portfolio companies.