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About the Funds

ARIA Investment Partners (“ARIA”) is a group of Pan-Asian growth and expansion private equity funds and the pioneers of the Asia private equity sector. The ARIA funds invest in market leaders and outstanding mid-market companies for expansion, acquisition, recapitalization, mergers and acquisitions purposes.

ARIA partners with emerging brands in Asia that are well positioned for growth, with strong management and a clear competitive advantage. ARIA focuses on three secular consumer trends:

  1. 1) Rising middle consumption – By 2030, Asia will host more than 60% of the world’s middle class. A fast rising middle class in Asia is expected to be the biggest driver of consumption spending growth in Asia. Sectors preferred include consumer, retail, consumer technologies, e-commerce and food service etc.
  2. 2) Changing demographics: from newborn to ageing – Younger Asian countries have high fertility rates but some more developed Asian countries continue to age rapidly. This twin trend of ageing population and increasing newborns will drive demand for products and services that cater to the young and the aged. Sectors preferred include healthcare, education, baby and elderly care product and services etc.
  3. 3) Urbanization – Asia’s urban population is expected to increase from 47% in 2014 to 56% by 2030. This urbanization trend will fuel growth for better infrastructure, homes and financing to support the demand. Sectors preferred include infrastructure enablers, household and home improvement products and services, finance companies etc.

ARIA has a strong and comprehensive team with professionals based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai and Beijing. The team has extensive experience working with companies in enhancing brand position and marketing, acquisitions, improving corporate governance and strategic planning, attracting key management talents, improving financial systems and operations, planning and executing a successful IPO and bringing in strategic investors. The team is also closely supported by professionals and infrastructure of CLSA Capital Partners, and further benefits from the extensive regional and global network and resources of CLSA.

Investment Focus

ARIA provides growth and expansion capital to businesses and emerging brands that are normally owned by entrepreneurs and/or families and seeks to invest US$10-60 million per deal, with possible co-investment for up to US$100 million. ARIA intends to hold an investment for three to five years and realize the investment through mechanisms agreed in advance with owners and managers. To maximize value for owners, managers and investors, ARIA will consider floatation, trade sales and/or recapitalization.

Target markets include China, India, South-East Asia, South Korea and Taiwan. ARIA may also consider other attractive investments elsewhere in Asia on a selective and opportunistic basis.

How it Works

ARIA works actively with companies at the board of directors’ level to provide financial and strategic guidelines while allowing management control of day-to-day operations. ARIA professionals have considerable experience in local markets and in helping companies to grow organically and also by way of acquisitions and joint ventures.

ARIA investment decisions are taken by an investment committee whose members are based in Asia and who are well acquainted with the region.

A Value-Added Approach

A relationship with ARIA and CLSA provides more than capital; through CLSA's global network, investee companies can access other financial products to sustain and reinforce growth and reach out for partners in technology transfers, marketing and distribution and strategic investment using CLSA's 25 offices across Asia, Australia, the Americas and Europe.